Remote control of HF at VK2VIC

Here is a picture of my remote controlling via the RemoteRig equipment of the ICOM 706Mk2. The remote kit is sitting on my desk at work today.  I managed to test 2metres simplex when VK2NPW (Pete) drove past the farm whilst I was at work.

Whilst the configuration in the instruction manual shows to only port forward to the device on your network (via Internet) I decided to operate the system over an IPSEC tunnel for added security.  I was quite surprised how easy it was to configure a set of CISCO SRP 527W Small Business Pro modem routers.  You can pick them up now for $15 each and a cheap Aldi sim service.

remote ops


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Solar off grid for VK2VIC shack

It has been awhile since my last post and things have been very quite on the radio front. I acquired 48 x 90Ah batteries which included the cabinets they came in.  They are all holding a good charge.  I have decided to go a 24 volt system which should be 1.5Kw in size.  So far I have only wired up the batteries.  Whilst it is for my radio shack it is also the test bed for deciding on when we build our new home on the farm we will go full off grid.

battery bank

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Nally Tower project AUG/SEP 2017

After a few months of preparing I now have my Nally tower installed and ready for antennas.

IMG_0813Milo (English Springer Spaniel) checks out the hole.

2100mm deep x 450mm wide

IMG_0899Post looks a little lost in the frame work.

Getting ready for the concrete delivery


Ordered 0.8 cubic metres of 25mpa strength concrete to make sure.


Now for the tidying up


First attempt at concrete work. Doesn’t look too bad.


Clear up the building site.  Now for some grass to grow back.


Top section bolted to the flange.


Finished. Doesn’t it look great!  Now to tilt it over and put the antennas on.






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Activation of VK2/ST-010 Mt Foxlow 29/07/17

A new activation site that normally requires a significant hike to get to.  But not this time. We managed to secure access over private property to drive all the way to the summit.  The roads are in good repair and easy to drive.

Mt Foxlow map

This activation was jointly with Matt (VK1MA) and Andrew (VK1DA).  We arrived pretty well at the summit at the planned time of 0930hrs local.  Giving the opportunity to give some chasers a roll-over to the new day UTC.  For me I hadn’t used 23cm (1296.150Mhz) so found that very interesting.  Surprised just by how small Andrew’s antenna was.  We were able to communicate with Andrew (VK1AD) on Bowning Hill out near Yass at a distance of 102km.  Nice achievement for very low power too.

Summit to Summit
Andrew (VK1AD) on VK2/ST-042 (Bowning Hill) on 1296.150SSB and 146.500FM distance 102km
Chris (VK1CT) on VK1/SM-040 (Mt Ainsle A.C.T) on 146.500FM distance
Other Stations worked
VK1KW (1296.150 – Canberra), VK1XX, VK2EMI, VK1EM, VK1NAM, VK5PAS, VK3LED, VK7CW

Mt Foxlow

Looking east from Woolcara Lane towards Mt Foxlow

Mt Foxlow Trig

Mt Foxlow Trig point

looking McFarlanes FT

from the summit looking North/West down McFarlanes Fire Trail

looking back Foxlow FT

from the summit looking south back down Foxlow Fire Trail



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Activation of VK1/AC-041 Isaacs Ridge 23/07/17

After a morning of dog training with Milo it was off for a walk and brief 2m activation on Isaacs Ridge.  It had been awhile since I last walked up Isaacs Ridge and that was when Missus met me at the top on horseback in 2015.  I note that there has been quite a few new signs up at the top.

Thank you for VK1MA, VK1WN, VK1XX, VK2CJ and VK1KW for taking the time to work me on 146.500fm which gave me the required contacts to claim a successful activation.

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Activation of VK1/AC-034 Mt Majura 16/07/17 (stealth strategy)

Missus’ first deployment to come and see my SOTA Activation. Under the guise of – ‘Hey Honey lets take all the dogs for a walk up Mt Majura for some good exercise and fresh air”.  I didn’t say that it was also for radio.  Hihi!

Bit of a struggle to get the 4 required contacts to make the activation.  Thank you to VK1MA, VK8GMT/1, VK1XX, VK2UK/1.



Helen and the 3 Border Collies with the Canberra Airport in the distance.

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Activation of VK2/ST-001 Mt Cowangarong 08/07/17

Also known as the location of the Captains Flat weather radar. It is a nice easy drive to 8pt summit (with 3pt winter bonus).  The original plan was to head down to the Deua National Park with Andrew (VK1AD), Andrew (VK1MBE) and Al (VK1RX) who all happen to be accomplished SOTA Operators achieving SOTA Goat Status.  But as time was against me for the day I had to look for a site closer to home.  From my home QTH in Bungendore NSW it is only an hour away.

Summit to Summit
Al (VK1RX) on VK2/SM-0059 (Big Badja) on 146.500FM distance 39km
Andrew (VK1AD) on VK2/SM-059 (Bald Mountain) on 146.500FM distance 32km
Andrew (VK1MBE) on VK2/SM-059 (Bald Mountain) on 146.500FM distance 32km

Other Stations Worked


VK1VIC with Captains Flat weather radar dome in the background.

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