2016/17 Rollover & New Years Day

hnyAs is now the custom that on NYD a large number of Australian SOTA operators decide to wake up very early and head up hills for a mass activation.  Whilst many Australians are still in bed nursing a hangover SOTA operators have packed up their kit and enjoying the first day working HF with others atop mountains.

My plan for the period was to activate VK2/ST-001 (Mt Cowangarong) and VK2/SM-049 (Mt Tumanang) twice hoping to give me 32pts but alas that wasn’t to be due to underestimating the time to get between summits and also becoming a little geographically embarrassed getting to Mt Tumanang.  The plan nearly worked but a rush to activate the second summit with only 3 minutes before rollover resulted in me just throwing the linked dipole on the ground and making a poor effort of getting some height (about 1m off the ground).  Did manage to get a good contact to VK5PAS (Paul) at VK5/SE-001 but the rollover had already occurred.

The photo below is taken of VK2/ST-001 (Mt Cowangarong) which is the host site for the Captain’s Flat Weather Radio operated by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. It provides an excellent weather map for the region. To view the website of the Captain’s Flat Radar ( http://www.bom.gov.au/products/IDR403.loop.shtml )


VK2/ST-001 (Mt Cowangarong)
Summit to Summit – (30 minute activation)
Matt (VK1MA) on VK1/AC-008 (Mt Ginini) on 7Mhz distance 68km
Andrew (VK1AD) on VK1/AC-043 (Mt Stromlo) on 7Mhz distance 59km

Other Stations Worked

VK2/SM-049 (Mt Tumanang)
Summit to Summit
Paul (VK5PAS) on VK5/SE-001 (Mt Bryan) on 7Mhz distance 994km
Marion (VKFMAZ) on VK5/SE-001 (Mt Bryan) on 7Mhz distance 994km
Mitch (VK7XDM) on VK7/WC-003 (Mt Field West) on 7Mhz distance 809km
Andrew (VK1AD) on VK1/AC-043 (Mt Stromlo) on 7Mhz distance 64km
Andrew (VK3ARR) on VK3/VE-008 (Mt Buller) on 7Mhz distance 313km
Gerard (VK2IO) on VK2/HU-093 (Mt Elliot) on 7Mhz distance 315km
Allen (VK3ARH) on VK3/VS-027 (Ben More) on 7Mhz distance 564km
Peter (VK3PF) on VK3/VG-001 (Mt Cope) on 7Mhz distance 236km
Matt (VK1MA) on VK1/AC-008 (Mt Ginini) on 7Mhz distance 68km
Andrew (VK1MBE) on VK1/ST-001 (Mt Cowangarong) on 7Mhz distance 10km
Paul (VK1ATP) on VK1/AC-039 (Yellow Rabbit Hill) on 7Mhz distance 70km
Tony (VK3CAT) on VK3/VC-037 (unknown) on 7Mhz distance 421km
Adam (VK3AGD) on VK3/VC-002 (Mt Donna Buang) on 7Mhz distance 402km
Adam (VK2YK) on VK2/MN-132 (Berrico) on 7Mhz distance 457km

Other stations worked



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The Deua Push – Bald Mountain, Big Badja and Dampier – 21/08/2016

A great day out with Andrew (VK1AD), Al (VK1RX) and Andrew (VK1MBE) leap frogging between three 8 point summits in the Deua National Park.

It was a bit of an adventure with Al’s Toyota Hilux and my Holden Colorado heading into the Deua NP via Cooma and Andrew (VK1MBE) deciding to head in from the north by Captains Flat to form up to tackle the summits.

Bald Mountain – VK2/SM-052

The first summit was Bald Mountain. Wow was it cold and with a sprinkle of snow on the ground just added to the look of a cold day. As we had multiple summits to conquer Andrew (VK1AD) and myself kept it to just 30 minutes. Gloves and beanie were welcome additions to the clothing.

Summit to Summit
Al (VK1RX) on VK2/SM-059 (Big Badja)  on 146.500Mhz  FM distance 8km
Andrew (VK1MBE) on VK2/SM-059 (Big Badja) on 146.500Mhz FM distance 8km

As it was the same weekend as the Lighthouse Activation we managed to work Gerard (VK2IO) at the Hornby Lighthouse AU0041 which is located on the southern tip of the entrance to Sydney Harbour.

Other Stations worked:

Big Badja – VK2/SM-059

After working Al (VK1RX) and Andrew (VK1MB) on Big Badja is was time to swap summits, but not before linking up for a cuppa. Whilst brewing up Andrew (VK1MBE) and Al (VK1RX) advised that it was pretty windy and cold up on the Big Badja and that taking a little protection behind the cairn of rocks that hold up the trig point might be a good idea. Well they certainly weren’t wrong. At one stage during our brief activation Andrew (VK1AD) was standing up on the rocks changing the links on the dipole and it was clear he was holding on so not to get blown away.

Summit to Summit
Al (VK1RX) on VK2/SM-052 (Bald Mountain)  on 146.500Mhz  FM distance 8km
Andrew (VK1MBE) on VK2/SM-052 (Bald Mountain) on 146.500Mhz FM distance 8km

More Lighthouses
Hornby lighthouse – (AU0041) again with Gerard (VK2IO) at the entrance of Sydney Harbour on 40metres.

Pencarrow lighthouse – (NZ0012) with Stephen (ZL2X) at the entrance of Wellington Harbour, New Zealand on 20metres

Other Stations worked

Dampier – VK2/ST-007
The last summit before packing up and heading home via Captains Flat. But since this time it was a new summit we all decided to link up and drive up as a team (VK1AD, VK1RX, VK1MBE and myself).

More Lighthouses
Cape Willougby Lighthouse (AU0095)- Great to work Paul (VK5PAS) but this time as VK5CWL   on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. Bit of a gem as the location is also part of IOTA program as OC139 and a Park Program VKFF1014 too.

Cape Schanck Lighthouse (AU0012) – Rob (VK4AAC/3) operating from the southern tip of the Mornington Pensinsula of Victoria.

Other Stations worked


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New Achievements

Two new awards to hang in the virtual shack. The 100 points in the Activator means now 1/10th of the way to SOTA Goat. A long way off I feel.

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Achievement – Shack Sloth 1014pts

Well its the same day as the Women’s Rugby 7s won Gold at Rio.  Not quite the same momentous occasion on the international stage but still means a lot to me.

After the successful activation of VK1/AC-032 (Castle Hill) on Sunday 7th August 2016 I ended up 2 points short of achieving Shack Sloth status.  A great opportunity presented itself today where by Andrew (VK2MWP) and Andrew (VK1MBE) were out activating two 8pt summits during the working week.  So with no commitments for an hour at work I jumped in the car and raced up to the top of VK1/AC-040 (Mt Ainslie) hoping to get a Summit-2-Summit contact.  Well I was awarded with the 2 points and now have Shack Sloth status.  Just now to wait for the certificate.  It appears that of the 1000 points 792 of them came from S2S.

Not an actual successful activation of Mt Ainslie due to less than 4 contacts.  Oh well it was worth it and I can always go again.

Summit to Summit
Andrew (VK2MWP) on Mt Cowangarong – 146.500Mhz distance 54km
Andrew (VK1MBE) on Mt Palerang – 146.500 distance 44km


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Activation of VK1/AC-032 Castle Hill 07/08/16) – VK1 SOTA Winter Party

First time activation of Castle Hill for me.  It isn’t often that a SOTA operator gets the opportunity to climb Castle Hill due to it being on private land.  VK1AD (Andrew) managed to get permission for the day from the owner of the property so it was just to good to miss.

The day was the VK1 SOTA Winter Party day where a significant amount of VK1’s decided to brave the cold for local activation.  It was also good to see that the event has gained much traction around Australia with seeing about 35 other stations posting their alerts for activation.

Summit to Summit
Gerard (VK2IO) on VK2/ST-006 (South Black Range)  on 3.5Mhz distance 46km
Tony (VK3CAT) on VK3/VN-012 (Mt Mitchell) on 3.5Mhz distance 373km
Andrew (VK1DA) on VK1/AC-040 (Mt Ainslie) on 3.5Mhz distance 26km
Matt (VK1MA) on VK1/AC-042 (Black Mountain) on 3.5Mhz distance 24km
Ian (VK1DI) on VK1/AC-039 (Yellow Rabbit Hill) on 3.5Mhz distance 21km
Peter (VK3PF) on VK3/VT-040 (Spion Kopje) on 3.5Mhz distance 393km
Wynn (ZL2ATH) on ZL1/WL-153 (Mt Crawford – NZ) on 14Mhz distance 2330km
Marion (VKFMAZ) on VK5/SE-016 (Black Bullock Hill) on 7Mhz distance 980km
Andrew (VK1MBE) on VK2/ST-006 (Mt Cowangarong) on 144Mhz distance 48km
VK4DD on VK4/SE-097 (The Knobby) on 7Mhz distance 949km
Andrew (VK2MWP) on VK1/AC-043 (Mt Stromlo) on 7Mhz distance 18km
Tony (VK7LTD) on VK7/SC-027 (Mt Phipps) on 7Mhz distance 808km
VK7FAMP on VK7/SC-027 (Mt Phipps) on 7Mhz distance 808km
VK1ATP on VK2/ST-008 (Baldy Range) on 7Mhz distance 34km
VK3MCD on VK3/VE-006 (Mt hotham) on 3.5Mhz distance 238km
Bernard (VK2IB/3) on VK3/VE-165 (Mt Granya) on 3.5Mhz distance 174km
VK3AFW on VK3/VN-027 (Mt Gordon) on 3.5Mhz distance 373km
Ken (VK3KIM) on VK3/VN-027 (Mt Gordon) on 3.5Mhz distance 373km
Col (VK3LED) on VK3/VN-024 (Mt Moliagul) on 7Mhz distance 503km
VK3ARH on VK3/VS-001 (Mt William) on 7Mhz distance 610km
VK5CZ on VK5NE-028 (The Dutchmans Stern) on 7Mhz distance 1080km

Other Stations worked

Picture 1 – Looking North over Tuggernanong
Picture 2 – Andrew (VK1DA) applying final touches to the antennas. Mt Tennant in the back ground.


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John Moyle 2016 – 2nd place 6hr Sprint

Well this is my second participation in the John Moyle Field Day.

john moyle 2016 certificate

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Activation of VK2/SM-093 Livingstone Hill 30/07/16)

Since it had been awhile since my last activation it was a last minute decision to get out and play SOTA operator with activating Livingstone Hill a second time.  Previous activation can be seen here by clicking on Activation of VK2/SM-093 Livingstone Hill (12/12/15) .

After seeing that VK1AD (Andrew), VK1MBE (Andrew) and VK1RX (Al) had planned at trip out to other peaks was enough motivation. Now just ticked over to 103pts for activation.  So 1/10th of the way to becoming a SOTA Goat.  (Will I ever make it to the heights of SOTA GOAT? Its a long way off)

Summit to Summit
Andrew (VK1AD) on VK1/AC-027 (Honeysuckle Mtn.)  on 7Mhz distance 22 km
Andrew (VK1MBE) on VK1/AC-026 (Booroomba Rocks) on 7Mhz distance 25 km
Al (VK1RX) on VK1/AC-026 (Booroomba Rocks) on 7Mhz distance 25 km
VK5CZ on VK5/SE-001 (Mt Byran) on 7Mhz distance of 966 km

Other Stations

VK1MA on simplex 146.500 into Canberra.

livingstone hill track


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